About a Stolen Missing Pup

Please Help Find Our Pup

Because we can’t……

She was born on the 17th June 2013 and she was stolen on the Saturday 16th November 2013. Since that day our lives have changed forever…

Gone is our innocence.  In rural areas there is a belief that your safe. In Cornwall that belief is doubled by the fact we are fairly lucky with serious crime… Its getting more common but its still not  like big cities up country.

Puppy Pup

We used to believe if we popped out somewhere the dogs would be here when we got back….We know that’s a lie now!!  Indeed part of a stolen dog is you stop going out. If you have to all the time your worried someone is breaking in and stealing another.

We now know you wont get them home if they do….

In the UK only 5% of dog thieves and even less cat thieves are prostituted.

If they actually go to court the very worst they get is slappy wrists suspended  18 day sentences. Its not seen as a serious crime…


We help other owners where and if we can. You may be surprised to know  how many owners of the stolen and missing end up on antidepressants. After all we know it’s liked being trapped inside perpetual grief that has no closure or healing.

Our innocence was knocked again by lack of scanning in the UK. We chipped our dogs because we  are responsible owners but also we swallowed that worn out lie chips help reunite! YES but only if someone bothers to scan …and there is the problem!!

In the UK absolutely NO-ONE has to scan.

Dog wardens don’t have to . Some have said they don’t have to us!! Does that make  anyone think they do? If they actually say they don’t have to  it doesn’t give us any faith they actually do.

Vets don’t have to… In fact some are even hostile to being asked to.

The BVA think best practice is good enough.

Defra think Best Practice is good enough.

ANY owner of the stolen or missing chipped animals knows that Best Practice is a joke!!

Scan me Pup 2seeks 2

Anyone who has had dealings with Defra ,or actually any of us old enough to have been involved in the experiment protests of the 70’s and 80’s wont have much faith the BVA either, will know they wont change their position except if forced to by act of parliament. Change isn’t their buzz word!

We get so wound up about lack of scanning as you might be able to tell here


Dog Theft really is a rising crime. Reuniting sadly isn’t. In Cornwall not one long term missing animal has been reunited. Not one and we have searched through so many data bases hoping to find just one….

One would give hope to the rest!! We would like it to be Pup but any will prove she could be found.

After the radio rant we were contacted by Cornwall Live. They did a lovely  piece as we kept banging on about ALL the Cornish missing so they added a vid with their posters.


We spoken to so many Cornish Owners to. We all have had enough that our missing family members are never found.

We just have no way to change it

Dog theft hurts.

We know what it does as Pup is one of them. It’s not something that goes away.

It eats into you all the time

Its relentless

You can’t stop worrying… You give up hoping  as whats the point …You don’t stop looking its just you don’t believe the looking will ever bring news.

It’s so tiring…

Add in fear that they will come back and you end up a mess.

You don’t sleep well… You become  so hurt as well. I would trade s much to get this hurt less deep.

One day, if we are very lucky, we might just find out where Pup is but having  complied the Cornwall’s Missing lists it will take far more luck than I think I can ever find…

We need your help…

We want our girl found and we can’t find her…

We want so much to actually be able to use her real name!! We wont reveal it as she may still know it and we don’t want ANYONE EVER being able to say they call her that….Not this name they don’t!!

pup-forget-me-notCornish colours againI AM PUP!!!mew-quotepups-new-dl

Pups Facebook Page


Pups Twitter account





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